Frequently Asked Questions

Below are various terms that explain some of the activities enjoyed by our Guild. Some are annual activities, some are monthly, and some are on a scheduled or ongoing basis. Announcements and reminders are published frequently to remind members which activities are currently underway and are scheduled for the near future.

Block Exchange
Sign-up sheets are ongoing and can be found at the entrance to the Grange Hall, when you walk in. When there are 12 participants on a list, then that Block Exchange Group will begin. Participants make up a box with directions, and a sample block, for the type of block they would like their fellow group members to make. It should include some or all of the fabric needed to complete the blocks. Each month the boxes are brought to the Guild meeting to be dropped off with the completed block. You then pick up the next box on your list, and so on. At the end of the year, each owner gets their box back with the 12 completed blocks inside.

Block Lotto
Fat eighths of fabric are distributed for members to make individual blocks according to the chosen theme. At the general meeting one month later, the finished blocks are grouped into sets of 9 or 10 and winners are drawn from members participating.

Block of the Month
Each month directions for one block are printed in the newsletter. Completed quilts are then brought in for show-n-tell.

Challenge Quilt
A theme is selected to challenge members to try something new or challenge their quilting and artistic abilities. Members make a quilt or project according to the provided guidelines. Finished quilts are displayed and winners are selected by member’s votes.

Charity Work Day
Members gather to work together on charity quilt projects. You can bring your own charity project, or work on one provided by the Charity Committee. Often members help each other on various projects. Click here for information on our community service quilt projects.

Fabric Exchanges
Each participant brings in baggies of six fabric pieces sized according to given guidelines. The fabric you bring in each baggie is all the same, then it is swapped out with fabric from other participants. You get your baggies back with all different fabrics in them the next month. It is important to use nice fabric, of quilt store quality. Label your baggies clearly, address labels work well. A theme or color is specified for each exchange.

Mystery Quilt
Each month part of the directions for making the quilt are printed in the newsletter. It is called a mystery because you don’t know ahead of time what the finished quilt will look like.

Quilt the Day (or Night) Away (QTDA or QTNA)
Members gather for a day of quilting. Each member uses the time to work on a project of their own. These usually run 12 hours, 10:00am to 10:00pm for example. There is usually a small fee to pay for rental of the meeting facility.

Quilter’s College
Sometimes called Quilter’s University, this is an annual event that is staged at a general meeting. Several stations are set up with Guild members enlisted to demonstrate various techniques . The attendees move from station to station. This is an excellent learning opportunity for novice and long-time quilters alike.

QUILTO (Quilter’s BINGO)
Bring one Fat quarter for each Quilto card you want to play, up to two. Final game (grand prize) – entire card must be covered and that person wins the Fat quarters.

Raffle Basket
Money collected from raffle tickets goes to purchase items for the next raffle basket.

Raffle Quilt
The Guild works together to make a quilt which is raffled off. The Quilt is displayed at different businesses and taken to quilting events to sell tickets.

A guild weekend getaway is planned at least once a year. For a fee, we spend Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon at a retreat facility. This mini-vacation is all about quilting. Bring your sewing machine, and as many projects as you want.

Round Robin
Each participant makes a center block, of any size, that is then passed to someone else in the group. They add the first border. Then the next quilter adds the second. This continues until three borders have been sewn by three different quilters. There can be all kinds of rules for size, color, theme, etc. The quilter who made the center block then gets the quilt top back to keep and finish. The finished tops are revealed at one of the meetings and then returned to their owners.

Satellite Groups
Stray Threads has several small satellite groups formed by members.  Contact the group representative for more information.

Swap a Block
Members divide into groups and you make as many blocks as group members. Everyone brings in their blocks on the due date (usually several months to complete) and exchanges them. There is often a theme and/or color requirement.

Ugly-Ugly Bin
Do you have a length of fabric or a pattern you wonder why you ever purchased? Bring it to the monthly Guild meeting and throw it in the Ugly-Ugly Bin! What is your junk may be another quilter’s treasure. For each item you take out of the Ugly-Ugly Bin, drop 25 cents in the collection jar.