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Please consider participating in one or more of our fundraising initiatives. All funds are used to support guild activities such as community service quilts, guest speakers, education and more.

Stray Threads Quilt Guild is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.

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Fred Meyer Community Rewards

Fred Meyer Customers can now log in to their online account or create an online account and link your Rewards Card to Stray Threads Quilt Guild # JX427.

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Shop with Scrip

Buy gift cards for your favorite brands and earn money for the guild at the same time!  When you buy a gift card, the retailer provides a cash rebate to the guild.  It’s just that easy.  No extra money is spent. You just shop at your regular physical or online stores just as you already do every day.  So continue to shop at retailers such as Safeway, Arco, Shell, Panera, Target, Staples, Nordstrom, REI, Sephora, Papa Murphy’s, Walgreens and hundreds more, but consider using a gift card and donate to the guild at the same time that you shop. 

How to get started

1.     Create an account using STQG’s enrollment code:  659F13E871631

·       Install the RaiseRight app on your phone OR

·       Join an Existing Program via the website

2.     Select a Gift Card – there are various types of gifts cards: egift cards, reloadable and physical gift cards.

3.     Payment Options

·  Seamlessly check out and receive eGift cards faster by securely paying online with a linked bank account or credit card

·  Linked bank account – have these items handy:  bank account username and password, bank routing number, account number.  Start this at least 2-3 business days prior to purchasing gift cards

·  Credit card – this will cost you a bit more since you’ll need to pay the credit card transaction fee

·  Please do NOT select “pay coordinator directly” since this involves paper checks and you will not receive your scrip for at least 3-4 weeks.  This also significantly increases the time to administer this program so we will not be taking checks from members for gift cards.

4.     If you have any problems signing up for an account, please call the ShopWithScrip Customer Support team at 1-800-727-4715 Option 3.  They’re in the eastern time zone and available daytime.

Have questions? Email: